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Monday, November 30, 2015

3rd Annual KUS 6/12/24 Hour Run || Race Director's Report

3rd Annual KUS 6/12/24 Hour Run
Race Director's Report

Timed events are weird and unusual. Seems like they are making a sort of a comeback in the last few years with new races popping up. The mental challenge seems to be the hardest part, especially for those attempting 24 hours and 100 miles. As a race director the logistics of a timed event on a 1.35 mile loop course couldn’t get any easier. But surprisingly there is still plenty to do all year to pull of a successful event, which I believe this year’s event was indeed!

The 3rd annual Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society 6/12/24 Hour Run was held Saturday, November 14 at Chapin Park in south Wichita, Kansas. The city park has a 1.35 mile loop of mostly gravel and dirt on top of an old city landfill. The weather this year was similar to 2013, warm and windy during the day. The night temperatures were chilly and windy but moderately nice for the time of year.

We had registrants from 9 states and Canada. 25 buckles were awarded altogether including 6 in the 24 hour which is the most ever by far! The highest mileage this year was 109 miles. A great blog report from the 100-Mile Finisher from Nebraska, Jeff Gregg: results from 2015 Race:

Of course my favorite part of the race is the runners. People who show up to a timed loop course event like this are the best of the best that the ultrarunning world has to offer, in my opinion. They are gracious, grateful, fun and a little crazy too. We had plenty of excellent volunteers help out this year and Sherri Rider once again captained the aid station for the whole 24 hours!

Dates for the 4th annual race have been tentatively set for Saturday, November 14th. The location will be determined later. A few changes to 2016 include quarter zip jackets for all entrants (instead of long sleeve shirt) and participant awards for everyone who at least completes a 50K. The same great buckle will be at the finish line for 50K, 50 mile and 100 mile. I hope to be able to return the race to Buffalo Park but don’t know yet what the new condition of the park and trail will be after the new construction there is complete. Hopefully we will know by early next year.
Pictures from 2015 and periodic updates for 2016 available on our Facebook page:

Friday, May 29, 2015

Linda Sue Folle Snyder

My sister Linda was 48 years old when she died. For 40 of those years she was very independent. She went where she wanted with whom she wanted and for whatever reason she chose. She wasn't afraid to go to new places or experience new things. She was more bold than I ever was in going to class reunions and being in the center of a party. The last eight years of her life, after her husband died, she was a little less mobile and that's when our relationship began to grow. She depended more on others to get around and we were often called into service. There were times I didn't want to make the drive to Hutch to help out but I was always glad I did. I came to love her in a way I didn't think possible. I loved how she thought I had hung the moon and how she depended on me, especially in times medical things were happening. 

She thought I knew everything about everything. :-) She was childlike and adult like all at the same time. She watched the news and often called to give us her spin on it (usually it was about half fact and the rest she just filled in on her own). She kept us abreast of current weather conditions, both here and in New York where Adam's wife Sarah has family. There really was never a dull moment. Her voicemails left us in fits of laughter at times...she went from chastising us for not returning her phone calls to dispensing advice gleaned from the Dr, Oz show all in the same day.

My sister also loved funerals. I'm not sure why but something about death and dying intrigued her. She went to many funerals and probably weaseled her way into many a funeral dinner. Linda would have loved this celebration today...the songs, the flowers, the people gathered to celebrate her life. she would love that her sisters were loved and supported by others. 

It was a privilege being her big sister. I will definitely miss her and our family will miss her as well. But I do know she is in a better place and her childlike faith was surely welcomed when she met Jesus face to face.

-Jill Smith (Linda's older sister and my Mom)