Friday, October 10, 2008

"Strategery" For Tomorrow

Allen Smelser called early this morning as he has been doing the math, calculating 100 mile splits and estimated finish times and all that for tomorrow's run. He said,

"Adam, are you ready to listen to this old guy's advice, one who's completed successfully this 100 mile course before? Are you willing to be coached? Well, listen here young man/kid/young punk/sonny boy, if you want to finish this thing and finish well, then heed this advice.
Start out slow the first 50 miles. It's okay to average 14 minute miles running slowly on all the flats and walking all the inclines in the first half. If you have anything left after mile 60, we'll speed up! Remember, if you want to finish, take it slow the first half! See you at mile 44!"

So, yes, indeed, I will try to follow Allen's advice. I am also excited that he is joining me a mile 44 and plans to accompany me all the way to the end. Allen has told me before that the middle of the night, between 3:00 am and daylight is the hardest part and the best time to have good company.

The weather report is in: lows on Saturday morning and Sunday morning near 60, and highs on Saturday afternoon near 80, with around a 20 mph south wind. Chance of thunderstorms only 30% starting 3:00 am Sunday. This is a warm forecast for October and as it will be mostly sunny with a south wind, it will feel hot. Even 60 is above the ideal for running temperatures even for the low. I imagine the trick tommorrow will be staying hydrated and not getting sunburned which drains your energy.