Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saltshaker Sinaloa 2011

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This summer has held many pretty big events for us - graduations in New York, camp counseling, housework, and a two week trip to Siete Ejidos, Mexico. It's been over a week since we've gotten back from Mexico, but I finally have a little window of time to sort through pictures.

Living in Mexico for two weeks was definitely an awesome new experience for me. When Adam and I were dating, I had once asked him (since his last name is Monaghan) if he was Irish. He said that he didn't know, but that he sure felt Mexican. Adam has always had a great love for the people of Mexico and has always wanted me to meet his Mexican family.

So this summer the two of us went to Siete Ejidos, Sinaloa with a team of people from different Friends churches in the mid-west. Siete Ejidos is a very small village surrounded by farm land where there is a small Friends Church. We simply lived among the people of this village for two weeks and ate with them, visited with them, experienced the roller coaster of life with them (hot, hot heat and then torrential rains), and just encouraged each other in our hope to live life more tangibly in the Kingdom of God.

I was amazed by the tremendous hospitality that was offered so generously to us during our visit. Adam and I both already miss our family in Siete Ejidos and hope that there will eventually be more opportunities to continue to build relationship with our friends there.