Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Wedding in Western Wyoming

At the rehearsal dinner...
Silent Football at the Friday evening party

Jadon & Audrey's house in Kemmerer, WY

Jadon and I after our -0 degree run! Frozen eye lashes!

Well, it was all you would expect from a December wedding in Wyoming: cold, cold, cold. I ended up traveling in a 4x4 truck entourage with from friends from Haviland/Barclay. I would have never made it in my rear wheel drive car through the ice storm on I-70 in Northwest Kansas and the multiple white-out blizzard conditions on I-80 in Wyoming. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!

Travis & Amanda's wedding was great - with lots of fun and laughs shared throughout the whole weekend. Friday evenings' bachelor party consisted of a 2 hour game of "Silent Football".

Saturday after the wedding, Justin Kendall (fellow groomsman, friend, and Barclay College's Admissions Rep) and I traveled to Kemmerer, WY (further west and North in Wyoming; in blowing snow of course). I shared the message at Jadon's Valley Evangelical Free Church Sunday morning (awesome church, really nice people, beautiful facility, and they obviously have an excellent pastor!) and then we took off after lunch for the 12+ hour trip home (the least weather eventful portion of the trip - except it was 1 degrees driving through Hays, KS).

I ran every day during the trip and never above 20 degrees! I ran only 2 miles Saturday morning with a negative something degrees with something like -30 with the windchill and then again a 4-miler on Sunday morning with Jadon on a still morning (meaning minimal windchill) but again somewhere near 0 degrees. Our eyebrows and eye lashes froze!