Monday, December 8, 2008

One Hill At A Time (Vicarious Ultra-Marathon Version)

My good friend Jesse Penna has now come to watch and crew at 4 ultras (Flatrock 07, 08, Run for Missions, One Hill at a Time) and 1 marathon (Heart of America). He is building quite a vicarious running career! He jokes about how exhausted he is after vicariously running with me during these events.

Dialouge at about mile 12 on Saturday:

[Adam running uphill, of course, sees his car and Jesse standing and cheering, doing the Mexican yell.]
[Running] Adam: How are you holding up?
[Leaning against the car] Jesse: We'll, I'm doing okay, I had a head-ache earlier this morning but finally it went away.
[Running] Adam: Well, hang in there, you're doing great!
Jesse: Thanks!

In the last 8 miles or so when I ran out of energy gels, Jesse delivered 1/2 PB&J sandwiches every other mile that I ate while I ran.

Here's Jesse's Vicarious Ultra-Marathon Version Report:

As I write about my experience this past weekend as I vicariously ran my third ultra, I am still in recovery! My eyelids are heavy, my muscles are sore and my mind is still trying to get back to it's original state of inteligence. I must say that this was probably my most difficult ultra to date. Between a flat tire that needed plugged, a massive headache, the cold, a crop dusting plane that would not leave me alone, and all the deer hunters shooting their guns at me and the deer, I did not know if I would make it through the end of the race. The saving moment of the day was a cup of coffee followed by a wonderful conversation with a good ole boy named Doyle. This man named Doyle, was one of the three persons at the only aid station - of which I returned to several times throughout the day in order to refuel! There is so much more to say about the day, but in order to sum up my exhaustion after the race: all I can say is that I was too tired to drive home. Adam had to take the wheel so that I could recover from the vicarious run that I had just completed. After my nap on the way home, I felt much better - ready to go for our youth party. I am not sure what 2009 may hold, but I have set my aim high! The sky is the limit for my vicarious running career! - Jesse Penna