Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crown Vic Club Update

Hail damage from last night's storm. I was fortunant that it only cracked the front windshield and did not shatter. I was in the car with Alex and Audrey on the way home from youth group stuff, hiding under a tree for partial protection on University street near Friends University. When I got home, we had no broken windows on the house even though many in the neighborhood had such damage. Both Alex and Audrey had their rear windows shattered and the rest cracked from the hail, parked at Friends. Anyway, 258,016 miles and still rolling. The helicopter hasn't gotten to me yet!

The Macy Crown Vic suffered much worse - shattered rear window and cracked front (and lots of dents).

Submitted as an official update of the Youth Pastors with Crown Vics Club. July 9, 2009. -Adam Monaghan, CEO, Founder and Club President