Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kansas City Marathon

(NEW) Link to Pictures: type in Bib number 1238. These are some great pictures. I especially love the agony in Gabe's face. Good stuff!

Saturday was the Twadell & Reed Kansas City Marathon that we've been looking forward to for a long time. Gabe Hancock and I ran a 3:50:59, official time, on a chilly, brisk, cloudy morning into a northly breeze. It was raining right up until the race start of 7:00 am, but cleared up for the run itself. The race, starting and ending in Kansas City, MO, goes through some scenic and beautiful areas of Kansas City, over several hills throughout, but has a nice slight downhill section about mile 22-24. We ran a negative split of the two halves of the marathon by 6 minutes! It was a textbook perfectly run race. When it was over we hurried inside the mall, the Crown Center, to warm up before coming home. Gabe, who excellently completed his first marathon ever, was impressed with the challenge and difficulty of the marathon, and also suprised by the overwhelming emotion he experienced at the finish line.

I believe I finished 406/1556 in the marathon. To see official results: and then type in my last name to see the results. Everyone who heard of my finish kept saying "not bad considering the fact that you finished a 100 miler last weekend" but, honestly, I felt no residual effect and was totally healed up after just a few days (except some numbness in the ends of my toes but I don't feel it when I run so as far as I'm concerned that doesn't count!).

I was thrilled with the results as it is the fastest marathon I've run in all of 08 and 09 and my third fastest ever (behind Marine Corps Oct 07 at 3:48 and Memphis Dec 07 at 3:40). I believe this to be my 17th marathon finish.