Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Run Stories

Forgot to report that two days before my 27th birthday (on February 27), I ran with my friend Tim Marshall my "Birthday Run". Starting at 3:45 am we ran 27.4 miles on a Thursday morning from far east Wichita to my house and back. Just for fun. 4 hours and 13 minutes for a total time. Not bad.

Then yesterday, my ultra-running friend Terry Rider and I ran about 40 miles in the Flint Hills on the same course as the Heartland 100. We started in Cassody and made it almost to where the Matfield Green aid station would've been. We would've kept going (I was feeling great the whole day - actually felt stronger and fast around mile 31 than I did all day!) but we had a mishap with our crew person, Terry's poor wife Sherri, getting lost and we were apart for 5 hours (thinking we'd only be a part 2 hours) - of course with no cell phones and only enough water to make it about two hours so we were kinda "up a certain creek without a paddle" (my mom, who regularly edits my blog, decided that it was too distasteful to use the word "screwed")! By the time she actually found us we said "thank you God, now please just take us home!" We stopped at Isabel's house to use the phone (the first and ONLY human and ONLY HOUSE in like 12 miles of running) and finally reconnected with Sherri. Anyway, the Flint Hills are beautiful and awesome and kinda scary if you don't know where you're going...and even if you do!