Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tying The Clouds Together

Catalyst Leadership magazine
January/February 2010

My assumption is that God can be found in all of the interesting things buzzing around us all the time. So we can take something from here and something from there and bring them together. A friend of mine calls it "tying the clouds together." p10 - Rob Bell

When I prepare to teach a text, there are a few questions I always ask. First, "What's the thing behind the thing?" And, "What's the truth behind the truth?" So if we're talking about tithing, we're really talking about generosity and participation. And if we're talking about generosity and participation, then we're really talking about whether you view world as a scarcity or as a world governed by a Trinitarian God. Is the universe at its core a sliced-up pie where you grab your slice and then protect and defend it? Or do you believe at the core there is an endlessly self-giving, loving community of God we are invited to step into?
So you can talk about tithing-giving your 10 percent. Of you can wrestle with a scarcity versus a Trinitarian view of the universe, with tithing perhaps being an implication at the end of the message. p10-11 -Rob Bell

Go into any church office and ask the leaders, "is this sustainable? Are you more passionate, more expectant, more rested and ready to go than you were a year ago, or is this gradually killing you?" p12 -Rob Bell