Monday, April 5, 2010

Rockin' K 2010

Saturday I finished the Rockin' K 50 Mile Train Run in 12 hours and 47 seconds. It was a beautiful breezy day in Kansas with only a few hours of 'heat' in the afternoon with intense sun in the upper 70s, I think. I finished the first 26 mile loop in about 5 hours and 35 minutes and set out for the second 24 mile loop feeling okay. Then the heat of the day set in and I started to slow a bit. Coming into gate 6 on the second loop, about 37 miles, I was hungry and had completey forgot why this was 'fun'. But after eating and fueling up I set off for the last 13 and it was much more fun and exciting, and the wind had moderated slightly and the temps had cooled!

My friend and one of my weekly training partners, Andy Bowman from Wichita, came and paced me the second loop which was a huge help to have the company and encouragement.

But best of all, my girlfriend, Sarah, was there and cheered me on and helped at every aid station. She wrote a great blog report on her experience there:

It was a PR for the course and was certainly better than last year so I can be happy about that. But I still think I can knock off some more time next year! It was a fun weekend and good to see everybody!