Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures in Missing the Point

Adventures in Missing the Point
Brian McLaren & Tony Campolo

“Having your sins forgiven is no doubt a part of (or a prelude to) salvation. But in the Bible salvation means much more than that: if anything, being forgiven is the starting line, not the finish line, of salvation.” P19

“…what you believe may be partly correct, but is certainly not completely correct. The point? We must always be open to further insights that will give us fuller understanding of what God is all about.” P34

“Jesus…,inviting us to remember our identity and mission, wants us to join him in entering the world to enjoy and celebrate all that’s good—and to seek to transform all that’s not.” P134

“People miss the point if they confuse sanctification with culture-avoiding legalisms cultivated by our religious subculture.” P137

“…personal intimacy with God isn’t the whole story. In the emerging culture, in fact, the idea of personal relationship with God isn’t necessarily the main point of the story.” P228

“…worship is something offered up to God. With Kierkegaard I contend that in the worship service, leaders (song leader, worship leader, pastor, choir, organist etcetera) are the prompters, the congregation are the performers, and God is the audience.” P239