Monday, June 23, 2008

My Life on the Run

My Life on the Run: The Wit, Wisdon, and Insights of a Road Racing Icon
by Bart Yasso

I read a fascinating auto-biography of a runner on Saturday and couldn't hardly put the book down. The guy has run on all seven continents, has been attacked by angry birds in Antartica, ran Badwater (135 miles through Death Valley in July), was chased by a rhino in Nepal, and other crazy things! For some reason I found the following story funny as Bart Yasso made an across the USA solo-bike trip (which sounds like fun!).

"Day 17: Rensselaer, Indiana, to Urbana, Ohio, 225 miles
As I neared the Amish farms of Ohio, a bunch of teenagers in a car mistook me for one of the Plain People. I wasn't wearing a straw hat, but my bike pants and shirt were black, as were my panniers. "What's in your pack, Levi?" they asked in a mocking tone.
"Cocaine," I said.
They realized their mistake and drove away. No one has confused me for an Amish person since." p86