Monday, August 25, 2008

Carpenter Wedding

Brad Carpenter and Chelsea Roberts married Saturday, August 23rd. The weekend was a reunion of literally almost all of my friends from Barclay. I believe that as many as 96% of everyone I knew and loved were all there at this one wedding. Incredible!
I don't wanna rush this thing
I don't wanna jump the gun
I really wanna say those three little words
But I'm gonna bite my tongue

Yeah, I'm just gonna lay on back
Leave it on cruise control
I'm gonna hold it all inside
Till the right time comes down the road

I got a feelin'
My head's a reelin'
My heart is screamin'
I'm about to bust loose
Bottled up emotion
It's more than a notion
It starts with an "I"
And ends with a "U"
I got a feelin'
Are you feelin' it too

"I Got A Feelin''' by Billy Currington
[Left to Right] Brad Carpenter, Jeff Carpenter (older brother and best man), me, Aaron Carlson, Josh Bunce, Jesse Penna, Casey Roberts (brother to Chelsea) and Mike Foster.