Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ministry Conference Report

(I received this report from the perspective of our our Missionary who was our main speaker at our Ministry Conference a couple weeks ago. It was an amazing experience! - Adam)

Praying Friends: Mid-America Yearly Meeing invited [a special guest missionary speaker] as their speaker in meetings recently concluded. Here is Bob's amazing report about what happened. It looks a lot like the revival many of us have been praying for. Pray that it will continue.
Norval Hadley, EFM Prayer Coordinator

Note from Chuck Mylander: Mid-America leaders report that several things came together, including powerful preaching in three sessions. Preparations for their time together included four weeks of prayer, and some fasting, with prayer guides sent out to help people know what to pray for.

JaiMasee!! God moved in a very, very powerful way in Mid America Yearly Meeting. It just finished today. It is fresh on my mind, so I wanted to write you and thank you also for praying.
I preached for two days, and I could feel that each day the presence of God was getting stronger and stronger. Today was the last day and God poured out His Spirit in a transforming manner beyond what we had thought.
At the end of the preaching Matt Macy came crying up to the pulpit and gave the altar call. He couldn't stand the presence of God any more, he had to invite people to respond. No one expected this, but two thirds of the people came forward at the altar. These were mostly pastors and leaders of the churches. One by one people started praying their hearts out to the Lord. They were crying out and thanking the Lord that He had touched them.
The meeting started at 10 a.m. and usually at 12 p.m., or before that, people would be ready to go for lunch. It was 12 p.m. and Matt Macy said that people were free to go for lunch but no one left, not one. Then after the prayers were finished, amazing things started to happen. One by one pastors and leaders of the churches started coming up to the pulpit and sharing what God had done in their lives during this Yearly Meeting.
From 13 year olds to 70 year olds, they just got off their seats and would cry and weep and share what God had done. Many pinpointed their sins and openly confessed their sins before everyone. Others would come and say that they had been more defensive in sharing the Gospel than offensive, and that God had told them to be more offensive. Others came and shared that they were filled with power from on high to share the Gospel. One lady took off her shoes and came to the pulpit and said that she couldn't come there with her shoes on because it was Holy Ground Now.
People were lined up one after another giving testimony after testimony about God's renewing power in the meeting. It seemed as if the line would never end. Many said that this is what they had been waiting and longing for for years and years. Many of them just came to the mic and wept and could not say a word. Teenagers came forward and said that God was calling them to be on fire for the Lord and share the Gospel more and to be bold. Young people came forward and said that they had put music first before Jesus and were going to it throw away. They wanted people to hold them accountable.
My, my!! What an awesome power of God fell in the last session. The Mid America Yearly Meeting felt that they would never be the same now. They had felt the touch of God in their presence. They felt Friends churches were getting cold in their area little by little, but now God had revived their churches and they were not going to let that die.
The last person came for the close and he said that he really didn't want to close, but because people had to drive far away he was closing. He was called up just for prayer, but he said he just couldn't say a prayer without testifying. He testified that many people had been praying for the Yearly Meeting and God answered supernaturally.
There was a great hush, a holy hush. I could tell people still didn't want to leave. Each and everyone that was in that building was touched by the power of God. Not only that, the people felt that this would continue as they went back to their respective churches. And that when they came back next year for the yearly Meeting many wonderful reports would be heard because of what happened.
In Christ,

[A Special Guest Missionary Speaker]