Thursday, August 28, 2008


On Sunday, 8.31.08, I'll be running a 10K, all by myself...kind of. I signed up to run Nike's "The Human Race 10K" along with a million of other runners worldwide. Just for my commitment to run this day, Nike gave a donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (cancer research and treatment) on my behalf. I've read both of Armstrong's books and have a very high view of his foundation.

On the back of my race bib it says:
On August 31, 2008 you'll be making history.
You'll take on the world in a 10K like no other.
A 10K where every step counts, no matter now fast, slow, short or long.
A 10K where a million runners will celebrate human potential.
And you'll be proud to say you ran the day the whole world ran.