Friday, November 7, 2008

California Trip Last Weekend

Friday I visited my Great Uncle (my Dad's uncle) Fay Konkel and his wife Jane in Glendale, California. Fay and Jane are such wonderful people and it was a great joy to spend the day with them. We had such a good time, shared many stories and laughed a lot. The evening consisted of a special treat steak dinner at a nice restaurant with some of Faye's family, cousins that I had never met and then more story telling until late into the night.

left to right: Cousins Abraham, Lisa, Susan and her husband, and Faye & Jane
Very late Friday night I navigated "rush hour" 11pm L.A. traffic and found my way to the Davis' home to what I thought was a birthday party and found out was actually a freak show costume party/birthday party for Justin. The California people tell me that everyone out there does costume parties. They told me to bring a costume so I brought my shirt from Jugos Veracruz, a favorite restaurant in Mexico. Believe it not, the guy in the freak show picture is my friend, Justin Davis. It was a fun day with the Davis' too, including a hot 10 mile run on a horse trail past the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda and his famous Presidential helicopter.

Above: Freak Show! Below: Craig Davis is the biggest coffee drinker I know!