Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why I Love Being An Adult

1. I laugh with others about how my brain is now, according to scientists, fully developed at age 25. So that means if I didn’t really know everything as a teenager and didn’t know everything in my early 20s, I may still not know everything, but I am at my fullest potential for knowing everything with a fully developed brain.

2. Remember how you used to be afraid to make those awkward phone calls? Like calling someone random, or asking for someone to give something, or just those phone calls that you wanted to put off if you could come up with any reason to. Well, I now find it so much easier to make the call and get it over with.

3. Confidence. Others may have other words for what I call “confidence”. While I do need to be aware of the tendency towards extremes, I am so much more at ease with my ability to ‘get things done’. Come what may! Give me negotiations or a reason to pursue justice and I’ll make it happen.

4. I used to want to always be out doing fun things all the time. I love it that now I actually like being at home and doing simple things like going to bed early, getting up really early, or just reading a book. There is great peace in that.

5. Being an adult makes me such a better and more disciplined runner. I don’t over commit as easily or under train for an event. There is something about being an adult and a perspective on life that breeds balance. (You may think that sounds crazy after running 100 miles twice in 22 days but I know that I would have never before had the discipline to train for such a feat or the mental endurance to finish it.)

I don’t know when I really became an adult; 18, 21, 23 or the day I turned 25? But I do know that it sure is fun!