Thursday, April 23, 2009

Salt Lake City Marathon

Saturday, April 18 was the Salt Lake City Marathon. It was a great, mild, partly cloudy day in beautiful Salt Lake City with white-capped mountains everywhere you look.

It was fun to run with Jadon and Audrey Ross, currently from Kemmerer, Wyoming (Jadon is Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church there), who both completed their first marathon ever! See Jadon's perspective of the race: I especially think it's cool that Jadon and I ran a pretty much even (and possibly even negative by 2 minutes if I figured right) split of the two halves of the marathon, which I think is especially a great accomplishment in his first marathon.

Jadon and I finished in exactly 4 hours and 28 minutes. Audrey finished about 18 minutes later, toughing out IT band/knee pain the whole way. She's tough! See her blog with great detail:

Oh yeah, one more funny/interesting thing. My phone apparently fell out of my drop bag before the beggining of the race. After I got back to my hotel room to take a shower after the race, I realized I couldn't find my phone. I figured I had either lost it on the train or somewhere between the hotel and startline drop bag drop off. At 2:30 pm after lunch, I went back to the starting line on the off chance that maybe, just maybe I could find it. I found a lost and found box full of lost car keys and cell phones and mine was one of them! I thought that was pretty cool, considering all the people there and all the places it could've been lost.