Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Vacation 2009

My brother, Andrew, and I had a great vacation in Colorado last week. The first weekend we were in Colorado Springs. We hiked around in Garden of the Gods and then on Sunday I ran (part of…see Pikes Peak Marathon report and new pictures) on Pikes Peak. Monday morning we left for our camp site at Turquoise Lake, near Leadville, Colorado. We did what campers on vacation do; we sat around, read, played cards, cooked, enjoyed the cool and dry Colorado air and just relaxed. And Andrew went fishing a lot. On Wednesday we hiked Mount Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. Thursday and Friday were partially filled with pre-race meetings and preparations, and some very purposeful resting. We left our campsite and stayed in downtown Leadville in the RV on Friday night. We woke up Saturday morning at 1:45 to eat pancakes and the race started at 4 am.