Tuesday, August 4, 2009

They Like Jesus But Not The Church by Dan Kimball

Here is a summary from a book I would like to read soon called They Like Jesus But Not The Church: Insights From Emerging Generations by Dan Kimball. Apparently the book is based on these valid questions that people are asking of the church (with Kimball's suggested perspective below):

Isn’t the church just organized religion that is politically motivated?
Is it judgmental and negative?

Does the church repress women?
Is the church homophobic?
Does it arrogantly think all other religions are wrong?

Does it take the entire Bible literally?

The church is an organized community with a heart to serve others!

The church is a positive agent of change loving others as Jesus would!
The church holds women in the highest respect and includes them in the leadership of the church!
The church is a loving and welcoming community!
The church is respectful of other people's beliefs and faiths.
The church holds beliefs with humility and strives to be thoughtful theologians.