Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Great Celebration in Mexico!

Dinner at Fuddruckers in Eagle Pass
New Addition to the Youth Pastors with Crown Vics club: Special Honored Member Samuel Vasquez is welcomed to the Club as he is driving the beautiful white Crown Vic pictured with his family and Sergio & Luisa Ayala and their two kids. Bienvenido!
Saturday evening was Founding Pastor and Superintendent, Felipe Vasquez's Surprise 80th birthday party. By honoring Felipe with our presence and gifts, we honored the whole church. I ended up going alone while Matt stayed behind to finish Michelle's roof and then he and Ralph caught up a couple days later at the border, hauling pews. The party was a great celebration, though I arrived late due to missing my initial morning flight. I shared the message at Nueva Rosita Iglesia Amigos on Sunday morning and ate at Jugos on Sunday evening. Monday evening we went to the border for a meal together and Tuesday we left and I arrive at my house Wednesday morning at 2:22 am!