Saturday, September 19, 2009

What A Week On A Roof!

Yep, the three oldest Macy boys helped on the roof too!
Who is that?!
I'm not sure if I've ever, ever been so dirty! Pausing for a short afternoon break for Sonic Strawberry Limeades.
Monaghan Roofing Co. back in action!
Picnic lunch in the shade in Michelle's backyard
Starting Labor Day weekend, Matt, Jesse, and I, along with Andrew, Ralph and countless others worked to replace Michelle Carpenter's roof. We worked Saturday, Sunday, all day holiday Monday, and then even Tuesday in the rain and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We tore off three layers of shingles and went through the whole process of re-sheeting and laying tar paper and then actually the easiest part, the new shingles. We also had to do some unfortunante disaster restoration (moving all belongings out of the house, ripping out sheetrock and ceilings in the house that were damaged by leakage from a freak rainstorm, etc.). Anyway, in the end I learned a lot about roofing and hard work!