Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lake Wabaunsee Retreat

Last weekend, we took a group of High School and College students from Crossroads to Lake Wabaunsee. We stayed in an amazing house on the Lake owned by people from our church (Jana's parents). The weekend was great with a nice cool day and all kinds of fun on the lake: tubing, water-skiing, knee-boarding, swimming, lounging, riding around in the boat, motion sickness, high speed water crashes, jet skiing, and much more.

We all rode up in the RV - definitely a classic road trip! The Flint Hills of Kansas were especially beautiful this time of year - so green! The Lake is partially a natural lake (rare in Kansas) with some man-made assistance to enlarge it and dam it up. The area around the lake was originally a World War II camp for German prisoners. After the war the prisoners were released and many settled and built right homes near the Lake. The house we stayed in is one of the oldest original German homes built. The stone house (left) was the original cabin and the white part (right) was added on recently.