Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quotes of the Day

From St. Dionysius (Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works, The Letters, Letter Eight sect. 5; Paulist Press pg. 278):

"Those who do not know must be taught, not punished. We do not hit the blind. We lead them by the hand."

From Soren Kierkegaard (Provocations, Chap. 5; Plough Publishing pg. 19):
"...busyness, keeping up with others, hustling hither and yon, makes it almost impossible for an individual to form a heart...”

From G. K. Chesterton (Habits of Belief, Essential Writings; Orbis Books pg. 138):

"The test of happiness is gratitude."

From St. Mark the Ascetic (The Philokalia Vol. 1; Faber and Faber pg. 113):

"Every success in anything we should refer to the Lord and with the Prophet say: 'Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory' (Ps. 113:9)."