Thursday, January 8, 2009

Extreme Camp Makeover 2009

(below and above) the "new view" from the ridge at CQH!

The Extreme Camp Makeover will be at Camp Quaker Haven will be held during the two Spring Break weeks in March. However, much work between now and then will be done to prepare the camp for our arrival and for the most effective use of the youth and adult teams.

Tuesday was my first all day work day there in 2009. It was cold and thinking that I'd working inside, I didn't really bring a coat. The inside temperature of the Dining Hall was 34 degrees and it held there pretty steady all day! We demolished (my kind of 'skilled' labor) the suspended ceiling completely. We also tore out the part of a rock wall and did more demo work in another building. I came home late that night covered in dirt and ready to warm up!