Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Andrew and I went to the Wichita Thunder Ice-Hockey game last night at the Kansas Colesium since it was Credit Union of America's member appreciation night (free tickets!). It was both Andrew and I's first hockey game in about 10 years. Right as the game was starting, some official guy came up and asked us if Andrew and I wanted to be in a contest during the break after the first period. We said, "of course!" We had to hit the puck off the wall and into the net. We both hit it on target but not hard enough. Just for participating we received additional free tickets. Guess we'll be going again! Other than getting to go down on the ice the only other exciting moments of the 0-4 loss was when the referee fell down going backwards and when the Thunder, realizing they weren't going win in the final minutes, decided that perhaps they could enterain the crowd much better with a good old fashioned hockey fight than by scoring some goals!