Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friends Student Conference 2008

The 9th Friends Student Conference was a success! Students testify to being challenged, renewed, and equipped! Happy New Year 2009! Brad and I "celebrating" after the New Year's Eve Party clean-up!

Who knows? We found this hair-piece and several of us tried it on aboard the Royal Princess Yacht ride we took Wednesday afternoon into Kemah Bay.

Josh Locke & Michael Wilson from Crossroads
Jacob & T.J. from Chandler
Brad Carpenter (with hair) and Jeremiah Williams (Haviland, Barclay, who was in my Junior High youth group when I worked with the youth at Haviland when I went to Barclay. Jeremiah played the bass guitar in the worship band at FSC. He also ran 5 miles with me on Wednesday afternoon.)