Friday, January 16, 2009

A Wild Night

If you look closely (above) it says C.S.I. at Dodge & Munnell

The door (notice the broken glass, broken door frame, and kicked in bottom section (above), and the blood)
Last night at 8:30 pm I came home from the YMCA to find that my house had been intruded upon. The door window was shattered and the bottom part of the door kicked in. No one was home when the invasion took place. Strangely, nothing was stolen or even moved, as far as we could tell. Andrew and I used to laugh about how our house would be the wrong house for someone to break into because they'd be very dissapointed to find absolutely nothing of value! Not too funny anymore, I guess. The intruder apparently went into the basement and left a trail of blood (apparently injured breaking the glass). Wichita PD CSI came and looked for fingerprints and took blood samples.

I slept with a hammer next to my bed last night just in case!

We are thankful that we weren't home when it took place and that nothing was stolen!