Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Topeka to Auburn 1/2 Marathon

Saturday was my first race of 2009 - the Topeka to Auburn 1/2 Marathon. It was a midly cool, sunny morning with a slight north breeze and beautiful morning for running, especially for a January Kansas day. I finished in 1:50:13. I was trying to finish under 1:50 but came in 13 seconds behind my goal, but oh well. There were a lot of hills and even some really long hills, especially the first 7 miles and the last 2-3. Overall, great course and a great time. Allen Smelser finished as well about 25 minutes behind me.

Pictures: http://00673d3.netsolhost.com/photoalbum_index.htm/01-17-09topeka_action/pages/IMG_0347_s_jpg.htm, about mid-way http://00673d3.netsolhost.com/photoalbum_index.htm/01-17-09topeka_action/pages/IMG_0348_s_jpg.htm, and 1 block from the finish line sprinting http://00673d3.netsolhost.com/photoalbum_index.htm/01-17-09topeka_action/pages/IMG_0641_s_jpg.htm

For results, click on 2009 results: http://sunflowerstriders.org/topeka-to-auburn/awards-results. I finished overall 96/270 and 5th in my age group of males 25 - 29 out of 18.