Monday, February 9, 2009

Polar Bear Campout

Blueberry Cobbler made in the Dutch Oven over the camp fire with hand-whipped cream.
Frankie Lichtlin full and thankful after eating his steak!
Josh Locke (red shirt left) and Michael Wilson (black shirt right - who always looks away from the camera!?)

The first ever "Polar Bear Campout", a guys only retreat for High School youth from Northridge and Crossroads at the Elk City Resorvoir in southeast Kansas, was a great fun weekend! We left Friday evening and returned Sunday afternoon. (I had to return late Saturday night alone to preach at church on Sunday morning at Crossroads.)

The highlights of the weekend included an 11-mile hike (on the same trail that I ran the Flatrock 07 and 08 50K run), good camp fire eating, and tent sleeping. We figured it would be cold since it's early February in Kansas, thus the title "Polar Bear". However, the lows were in the low 50s and the highs in the mid to upper 70s! This made for excellent sleeping weather and very, very nice (actually on the warm, humid side) condistions for trail hiking! The highlight for the students is when they built a raft out of driftwood, lit it on fire, and sent it off into the lake! Hopefully next year it will actually be cold for the Polar Bear Campout!