Sunday, February 1, 2009

Youth Pastor's with Crown Vic's Club 2009

Featured in these 2009 inaugural club pictures is Matt's Red 98 Crown Vic , my Silver 97 Crown Vic, and Jesse's Tan 98 Grand Marquis. We will take a yearly Club picture with all the member's cars!
I have started a new organization called the "Youth Pastor's With Crown Vic's CLUB". I have decided that I am the Founder, President, and CEO of the YPwCV Club. Matt Macy is the Co-Founder and President Emeritus because although, he was the last of the original three founders to get a Crown Vic (last month), he is the one who encouraged us all in the first place. Jesse Penna (who has owned a Crown Vic and now a Grand Marquis) has received, from me, a life long assignment as Club Spiritual Director (just in case we need it).

The terms of membership into the Club are simple. Get or prove that you once owned a Crown Vic and be a youth pastor of some sort. (We will accept Grand Marquis as well.)

We are now accepting membership applications!